A Monster Escapes by Lewis Wolfe

Book Summary:

A Monster Escapes is a character driven horror story that explores all the shades of gray in life.

When a demon strikes the small town of Brettville there is only one woman to call.

Jane Elring knows what monsters look like. She stares them down on the regular, working as a psychic detective for the government. Her unique abilities allow her to reach where normal eyes could never go and make plans others wouldn’t dare follow through.

But when you’re faced with an ancient evil that only wants to consume there is no room for debate. Sometimes it takes a monster to beat one, and Jane Elring has been called much worse.

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A Monster Escapes by Lewis Wolfe is a wonderful blend of horror and thriller. Evil has the town of Brettville, Alabama, locked in fear and pain, a malicious power that grips people and induces a state of delusion. It feeds on negative emotions like guilt, regret, fear, etc. The victims know no peace and are plunged into waking nightmares. Caleb Epps is an ex-Marine, contracted by Jane Elring, a mysterious investigator, to be her bodyguard. When they travel to Brettville to investigate the evil that has paralyzed the town, Caleb knows next to nothing about his beautiful employer. There are myriad questions and a mystery to solve, one that is destroying the life of an entire city, but how much of Jane Elring is part of the problem?

I was pulled in from the opening pages and wanted to know more about Jane Elring. She looked too young for her age, yet her real age made her seem too inexperienced for the job, and that is part of the mystery. She presents herself as a “detective and general problem-solver” for the government and I was intrigued to find out how the “general problem-solving” part worked. Lewis Wolfe doesn’t just attract the attention of readers; he commands it and the reader follows the characters. They are richly developed and multidimensional; they are real and memorable. The plot is gripping and written with scenes that are focused. A Monster Escapes takes readers to strange places, the suspense is exciting and the darkness that fills some of the pages left me thinking. This is a page-turner for fans.

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite


Author Bio:

Writing is a mysterious business. It’s about diving deep into your own mind, sometimes your heart too, and putting whatever you find into words. Words that are put out into the world for all those interested to see. Stories, in this sense, are always a reflection of the person telling them.

There comes a time in your life when you will hear your calling. You’ll either listen, or you won’t. Lewis Wolfe heard his years ago and found himself unable to resist it. He had to write stories. Short ones and long ones. They were all just practice for his first novel, A Monster Escapes.

Lewis Wolfe believes that characters shape the story, never the other way around. Suspense and horror, then, are a natural extension of how people decide to lead their lives, be they real or imagined.

Consider following Lewis Wolfe on his journey as a storyteller. It would be his honor.

Find more information at lewiswolfe.com or https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19526230.Lewis_Wolfe