Tree Whispers (Child’s Play Library)

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Tree Whispers (Child’s Play Library)

When you walk in the park or stroll through the forest, do you ever imagine the trees whispering to each other or even to you? Do you ever wonder if the trees talk to each other or sing songs of sunshine and spring? Mandy Ross has imagined these things in a series of poems, most told from the point of view of the trees.

The trees speak of many things: their seeds going out into the world to become trees, the creatures that tickle them, the rain that washes them in storms, and much more. Some poems encourage young readers to interact with the forest and to help to save the trees. The poems are largely lyrical free verse with a lot of alliteration and assonance.

While the poems are certainly engaging, young readers will be even more delighted by the enchanting illustrations by Juliana Oakley. She fills every page with colorful pictures full of charming details that will have little ones searching the pages to find them all. This would be a perfect book for elementary classroom teachers to use in the study of both poetry and biology.