What Are You?

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What Are You?

This book is about celebrating what makes an individual unique and different, and teaches children that other children might have their own differences, uniqueness and more. Even though at the end we learn it is young children playing together the story revolves around a dog that looks different than other dogs. The two main dogs question whether the unique looking dog is even a dog and question about what the other dog is good at, what it can and can’t do. Each section the dog in question has to prove it is a dog even though it is not always good at what the two other dogs are good at. This helps teach children, especially when they begin interacting with other children, that even if someone is not good at what you can do does not mean they do not have their own special talents. The book is designed for adults to read to children to help them understand what they are hearing, as many of the words in the book are a bit too big for children, unless they are advanced readers, to read on their own.